Pokémon Go gets trainers moving

The gaming phenomenon called Pokémon Go was just recently released. The augmented reality game has players moving around the neighborhood to catch them all.

There is an added benefit to this game and to the wanna be trainers. Pokémon Go might be the best exercise app out there and the kids or adults playing the game might not realize this but they are getting the exercise they need.

The games gives you Pokémon hiding around corners, down the street or just in the garden. This means the more you move around the more Pokémon you can catch.

Trainers will be walking around a lot and moving to try to catch the Pokémons and by moving around they become more active, Being more active will burn up some calories and for some passionate trainers out there that might also mean moving around a lot more.

But there are also a lot of downsides of this happening such as Pokémons popping behind dumpsters or in the middle of the road.  There is also the threat of your phone getting snatched and stolen by less desirable people of the society.

Judging from what I can see in my Facebook feed and the traffic in the internet, it seems that Pokémon Go is another monumental hit and will be enjoyed by old fans and a next generation of fans as well.

The best thing that Pokémon Go has done for the players is that it forces them to go out and about. It gets you to do all those steps with out you really realizing that you have already walked 10,000 steps or you have already walked 5 kilometers. That is what gets me excited when Pokémon is officially released here in the Philippines.

Now to those who already play the game… Enjoy and catch them all… But stay safe..



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