CES 2015. What’s Next?

Written by: Christian “Fluffy” Peña


It’s that time of year again when the biggest manufacturers of consumer goods and gadgets gather in one place. They will be showcasing the latest technology and the latest flagship products in their lineup.


Now let’s talk about some tech that we might be seeing at the upcoming 2015. CES 2014 gave us the 4K revolution. 4K displays were everywhere from large and curved TV screens and various displays. Now one year after the prices of 4K displays have gone done and has started to penetrate the main stream market, expect that CES 2015 will be full of them. There are even rumors going around that manufacturers are now developing even bigger resolutions, with the 5K display recently launched by Apple that rumor has gained a lot of traction and we might be seeing more of it in CES 2015.

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images (1)Automobiles has slowly becoming a major part of the show. Major manufacturers have set up major displays at the CES. Electronics have now integrated themselves into the modern day car, may it be thru phones synchronizing with the cars or collision alerts and now there are cars which can parallel park themselves. We are expecting to see more developments in this field from the different car makers. Personally I have seen and experienced this technology here in the Philippines. Ford has the parallel park assist on some of vehicles and I have to tell you the experience is quite disconcerting when the car moves on its own and parallel parks.


Mobile computing will still be a major part of CES with the different manufacturers displaying the flagship models and showing off what’s new in the world of mobile computing. Smart phone and tablets will still be the dominant part of the show. Qualcomm will be showing off the latest snapdragon processor in various smart phones make and models.

In the world of personal computing there will be a lot of improvements coming from the  different makers trying to show off the latest gear and compete for consumer’s attention. Either it will be used for gaming, video editing or for improvement in office productivity. This might be the year that personal computing regains some lost ground it had lost to mobile devices.

CES has also provided us with pleasant and not so pleasant surprises, so this year will be a very interesting. Since there is no denying that our lifestyle is surrounded with tech, we will most definitely be affect in one way or another with the trends coming out of CES.



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