Shielding the way to the future of mobile gaming

Arguably the most powerful mobile gaming device currently in the market, the nVidia Shield.

Written by: Christian “Fluffy” Peña

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Recently I got a chance to test out the one of the most powerful hand held portable gaming device in the world, the nVidia Shield. Unfortunately for all of us gamers here in the Philippines the hand held portable device is still currently not available domestically. But that did not deter us from reviewing the gaming console and getting some hands on experience.

First thing you will definitely notice is that the console looks and feels like all of the control of different consoles combined. Yeah it feels like one, but that is where the similarity ends. The compact handle held gaming rig packs a very big punch in terms of what’s inside. Powered by nVidia’s Tegra 4 processor it one of the most powerful portable devices currently out in the market. Aside from that the hand held gaming console is chucker box full of technology. It also features a 5 inches (13 cm) 1280 x 720 px(294 ppi) IPS Retinal LCD which shows you stunning gaming details, 72 GeForce graphics cores provide enough umph to get handle those really graphics heavy games. The screen is also Multi-touch capacitive screen catering to games that requires you to touch the screen.


We got to use the Hand held console for about 45 minutes and I got to tell you that I didn’t even notice that it was already that long. I was so engrossed in the game I was playing and time just blew right past me. The graphics was amazing, the controller was comfortable, it was just right, it had enough heft to it that you can feel the solid design but not too hefty for you to get easily tired of holding it. There were a couple of games that were available to the public for trial. We tested out both games. The graphics on both of the games were stunning amazing crisp sharp and very detailed.

Nvidia truly has outdone itself in the development of the Shield. Harnessing the performance of the new Tegra 4 processor and the utilization of the android operating system bringing out one of the best hand held consoles to come out so far. With this platform offering a whole new different level in gaming experience I am pretty sure that the game developers and publishers will soon be developing or adapting their games to also suit and be played on the nVidia Shield.


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